Marine Surveys & Investigations

Synordik conducts a variety of ship and cargo surveys for a wide base of clients including:

  • ISPS internal audits
  • ISM internal audits
  • MLC internal audits
  • Bridge dynamic Navigation audits
  • Pre purchase audits

How We Can Help You

Our consultants travel extensively to conduct a full range of surveys including.

We conduct cargo surveys on behalf of P & I clubs and insurance underwriters. Through our personal intervention as unbiased mediators we convince claimants to minimize losses through segregation, re-conditioning and repair. With our expertise in the marine field, we can assist law firms as surveyors and expert witness.

It is always our objective to mitigate the loss in practical and efficient manner. By surveying we determine the cause and extent of damage to the general cargoes, project cargoes, machinery, steel cargoes, containers, containerised cargo including reefer cargoes and heavy lift cargoes.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of Master mariners and chief engineers are capable of handling investigations with the root cause of liquid cargo contamination without predujice and efficent manner for Petroleum,Chemical and Gas product.

We specialized in steel products pre-shipment inspections, discharge survey and expert intervention connected with all technical aspects relating to the carriage of steel products by sea. Post shipment damage claims joint surveys are conducted on behalf of the shipping lines, shippers and consignee to verify the damage to the steel cargoes.

Synordik has a team of competent surveyors, who can provide a thorough report on a vessel for pre purchase on behalf of prospective buyers. We cover most of the leading ports in the world as our offices are located world wide.

Our high level of techical team expertise provides services to all types of commercial vessels(Both inland and seagoing).We also provide services related to all types of damage investigations and repair supervisions of Hull and Machinery which includes all Main and Auxiliary machineries and equipments, in engine room,pump room,deck/under cargo tanks and on navigational bridge.Our professionals expertise also review repair invoices and provide comprehensive guidance/advice on repair costs.

On request of owners and charterers, we carry out detailed On-hire / Off-hire vessel condition survey with all relevant details and condition of the vessel at the time of On-hiring or Off-hiring. Bunker survey and bunkers audit are also part of professional surveys.

We regularly carry out the surveys for off shore supply Tugs and Barges, including the inspection of towing arrangements and verification certificates of associated equipments.

Synordik services can assist the law firms in investigation and expert opinion on wide range of marine related claims through our team of ex- Master Mariners and Chief engineers, who have a long sea going experience under their belts.Collision investigation including appraisal of damage to jetties and structures.

It is our prime objective to investigate with the root cause of liquid Petroleum loss with out predujice and prudent manner for Petrolume,Chemical and Gas product